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Tango Salon School

Armando Orzuza & Nuria Martinez Tango Salon School

Today's Tango from Buenos Aires


The Armando Orzuza & Nuria Martinez Tango Salon School (AOTSC) is a safe community where we enjoy sharing our love of the dance, the people and passion for tango.

AOTSC is a school that offers authentic and unique tango classes with a balance between technique and culture. We are committed to bringing the best teaching and passion to our students. AOTSC offers different classes, the levels ranging from absolute beginners to advance and professional dancers. We also offer other social activities and events related to tango such as Practicas (guided practice time), Workshops, and Milongas (Argentine Tango social dances).

Mission Statement

Armando Orzuza Tango Salon School’s mission is to improve peoples' lives in their emotional, physical and psychological realms by sharing tango in its natural form: through the understanding of the music, connection with the partner, walking and embrace, as well as by bringing purpose to the movement through the cultural and social aspects. We want students to experience an enjoyable way of learning and dancing tango.

Classes & Guided Practicas

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Updates

From DanceMagazine:

Resources the Dance World Can Use to Deal With Coronavirus

The spread of the coronavirus is scary, no matter who you are. But for dancers, who work in close physical proximity to one another, there's an added element of risk.

Dancers can't exactly "work remotely," after all, and the dance world functions through large gatherings—classes, performances, rehearsals, events—that we have to avoid as the situation escalates.

We've heard to wash our hands, avoid touching our faces and wear a mask if we're feeling sick. (No, really, please don't wear a mask if you're healthy.)

But what else should the dance world be doing? We rounded up some of the most helpful resources on dealing with the virus:

Stay up to date.

The latest on the coronavirus from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) can always be found here.

Utilize local resources.

The CDC recommends connecting with state and local health agencies for information specific to your location.

Stay at home, and dance with us with our online classes with

Private lesson canceled untill April 15, 2020

Please book your lesson by calling 917-595-0935 or email to:

NOTE: All 20 hours of your private lessons packages must be taken within the 28 weeks from the purchase date.

All 10 hours of your private lessons packages must be taken within the 14 weeks from the purchase date.

All 5 hours of your private lessons packages must be taken within the 7 weeks from the purchase date.

Cash, Checks and Credit Cards accepted.

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